Tony's Pizza - 224 Knox Abbott Dr, Cayce

Posted by The LunchMen Friday, August 14, 2009

The hands-down, absolute best cheesesteak in town - we guarantee it.

Columbia has some eateries that serve up a tasty cheesesteak, including Paul's and Very's, just to name a couple. However, no place in the area approaches the cheesesteak with the artistry and skill of Tony's in Cayce. Now, don't be confused, I am not talking about the free-standing Tony's, which I happen to frequent for lunch with Mrs. Tank and her Grandma. I'm talking about an innocuous restaurant by the same name in the strip mall just over the bridge from campus.

What Tony's lack in ambiance, it makes up with their good, family cooking. Tony's has some decent Italian dishes, an average gyro, and the tastiest pizza in Cayce. You can even get that pizza on a generous buffet for lunch, along with a passable salad bar.

Our friend Kali had a cheesesteak on Tuesday that he described as just "okay." When we told him about Tony's cheesesteak, he was willing to throw prudent dietary restraint to the wind and go for back-to-back cheesesteak lunches. Needless to say, Rabbit and I were impressed by his boldness. As Kali learned, there is nothing too fancy about Tony's cheesesteak. The family operation just uses good, fresh ingredients and proper portions to sweep you off your feet. As he finished the last scraps of cheesy goodness off his plate, Kali readily admitted that Tony's was #1 in Columbia-area cheesesteaks.

If you are making your first trip over to Tony's for lunch, do us this favor - ignore the lure of the pizza buffet this time, and try the cheesesteak. We promise that it will make you an instant fan of Tony's, and it will convince you to come back to Cayce's best kept secret to try the rest of the tasty menu.

- Tank

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