GREEK BOYS - 1469 Sumter Avenue

Posted by The LunchMen Monday, August 10, 2009

Location, Location, Location.

In the heart of uptown Columbia at the beginning of “restaurant row,” Greek Boys restaurant is a staple of area office workers looking for a reliable and quick dining option. Greek boys is a pretty standard lunch place - clean, sparsely decorated, and busy, but it has enough variety that folks from our office eat there as much as once a week without getting too tired of it. The entrees all come with a side Greek salad and yellow rice and if you go this route you can enjoy chicken or beef tips, tilapia, salmon, or grouper to name a few.

Also popular are the traditional Greek dishes like the Gyro, Souvlaki (beef or chicken), and Spanakopeta. For the truly bold, try the battered fish and chips, but plan on taking the afternoon off if you do. While not known as a cheaper option, I’ve never seen anyone break the $10 barrier, so its definitely reasonable. A hidden gem of the place is their cookies, which are two for a dollar and never disappoint. Another local secret is to ask for half beef tips, half chicken, which tends to double the amount of meat you get at no extra cost.

All in all, Greek Boys is a safe bet for any day of the week, with the potential to be truly bold if you think outside the box when ordering. It is a must in the rotation for any serious downtown eater.

- Rabbit

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