Beezer's Gourmet Sandwiches: 919 Sumter Street

Posted by The LunchMen Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Located across from the Horseshoe – the historic and pristine heart of the campus of the University of South Carolina – is Beezer’s Gourmet Sandwiches. Ask anyone who went to USC and they’ll invariably have a favorite Beezer’s story that involves an overindulgence of alcohol and a late night delivery of some of the most delectable subs in town.

However, the Lunchmen wanted to know – is Beezer’s really that good, or does it just seem delicious at 3 a.m. when nothing else is open and your tastebuds are somewhat, shall we say, dulled? We decided to make the short hop over to campus during freshman move-in week for a lunch early enough in the day to ensure that we sampled the place with no alcohol clouding our judgment.

We arrived a little before noon and quickly ordered and had our food. Beezer’s prides itself on fast service, and you typically have your sub in hand by the time you finish paying. Tank and I found a table outside with maximum people watching capacity and dug in. The bread was soft, the toppings fresh, and the meat sliced thin. All in all, Beezer’s is a solid choice for sandwiches that can stand up to anyone in town. Add to that its low price tag (usually at good $1-1.50 cheaper than its competitors), ridiculously quick service (see above), insanely long hours (open till at least 3 a.m., 4 a.m. on weekends) and delivery, and you have a restaurant tailor-made for a busy college town like the Capital City.

Next time you are either up late and in need of an easy option, or you’re looking for a quick but hearty lunch that won’t break the bank, Beezer’s might be just the ticket. Also, try their homemade cookies, which are large enough to split and only a dollar a piece.

Editor’s note: Of particular significance is the fact that the lunch was so quick the lunchmen had time to cruise campus in search of new “talent” for the upcoming school year. Glory days…

- Rabbit

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