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This past Saturday, Tank, Rabbit and the crew suffered through yet another Gamecock loss on the gridiron. While we may leave the games starving for sustained success in football here in Columbia, one thing is for certain – we never leave the tailgate hungry. This Saturday was no different. Rabbit and Tank both came back from their respective tailgate spots amazed at the variety and quality of culinary treasures offered up by Carolina fans. Tank makes his home on game-days at the Touchdown Zone, a high-priced and exclusive tailgate experience complete with a covered pavilion and working restrooms. Rabbit, who does not yet have any in-laws off of which to mooch, tailgates in the (in)famous Morrison Memorial lot – a hotbed of debauchery for the post-college, pre-adult crowd. While the Touchdown Zone boasts shag music and family fun, Morrison is known more for loud party music, shot-gunning beers, and the occasional fight or trash can fire. As diametrically opposed as these two venues are, however, they do share one thing in common: Great tailgating food.

Tank is a self-described gourmet and treats his tailgating guests who are lucky enough to procure passes to his lot to such items as Hash brown casserole and Bacon Quiche muffins for morning tailgates, Beaufort Stew (shrimp, sausage, corn, and red potatoes) cooked at the tailgate over open propane flame for night games, and most recently Deep fried alligator and homemade hushpuppies for the Florida contest.

Rabbit himself does not cook, only eat. But, as for his locale, what Morrison Memorial lacks in ambience its patrons more than make up for with an abundance of victuals. Popular items include Chicken Wings a la Griffin, Brushcetta with tomato and basil, delicious stuffed pizza rolls, and anything whose main ingredient is sausage.

Inspired by Lunch Review rookies The “Teacher,” The “Cleaner” and the “Banker,” we are starting a new poll for our readers to determine what the best recipe food for tailgating in Columbia is. But, to do this poll properly, we need YOUR HELP. Please leave a comment with a description of your favorite game day delicacy (don’t need full recipe/ingredients) and the reason why it should be crowned #1.

We’ll accept entries until November 27, 2009, right before the Carolina Clemson showdown on the 28th, and then post the five finalists for which YOU can vote through December 6th, 2009. The winning submission will receive an ALL EXPENSES PAID DOWNTOWN “LUNCHMEN” EXPERIENCE complete with Rabbit, Tank, and various members of the lunch crew at your choice of any fine restaurant in the Capital City.

To make an entry, simply make a comment to this post, leave us a message or wall post on our Face Book page, or email us at lunchmen@gmail.com

Thanks so much and happy tailgating!



  1. Publican Says:
  2. You guys are so baller - all expenses paid! My vote has to go to the pizza dip. Cream cheese, sour cream, pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella and some seasoning make for a delicious tailgate.

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Best tailgate food has to be Ham Delights - Sister Shubert rolls stuffed with DICED ham (many imitators just throw a flat slab of ham on there), poppy seeds and a tad of spicy mustard. The lunchmen wouldn't be able to resist themselves hounding over these gems.

  5. The LunchMen Says:
  6. Best tailgate food? That's easy. Buffalo chicken wings. It's not a tailgate without chicken wings.


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