The readers have spoken, and their choices are clear. Hunter Gatherer and No Name Deli straight dominated their opponents in the final four to easily advance to the championship. While none of the experts are surprised to see No Name in this position, there are few people who could have predicted that lunch time new-comer HG would still be standing after the grueling gauntlet they negotiated en route to the final match-up (wins over Public House, Mousetrap, DiPrato’s, and Immaculate Consumption). After enduring such a hard road to the final, does HG have enough left in the tank to take down perennial favorite No Name? No Name’s road to the title game has been much less rocky, as the Deli scored easy wins in every round (remember Hardee’s???), regardless of the opponent.

Also intriguing is the variance in styles that this match-up presents. No Name is quick, efficient, with no frills or fancy trappings – but satisfying and successful nonetheless. HG is a more genteel, relaxed lunch experience for those in no hurry that can afford to enjoy a friendly waiter or waitress, a good beer, and true gourmet offerings.

Who will emerge victorious and claim the title of Ultimate Columbia Lunch Spot? Its up to you – post a comment with your vote or email us at lunchmen@gmail.com. Results announced early next week.



  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. No Name Deli for the win

  3. Bill Brasky Says:
  4. No Name Deli cuts down the nets. Chicken salad voted Tournament MVP.

  5. Rob Lindsey Says:
  6. Man, I missed voting on the Final Four! Good thing both my teams won...

    HG is the champion, my friends!

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. NND.

  9. Publican Says:
  10. Cash Rules Everything Around Me - No Name Deli with the Chicken Salad MVP and scrappy 6th man Peach Tea overcoming a weak performance by the terrible french fries.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. HG all the way.

  13. Frodo Says:
  14. NND-- I can hear "One Shining Moment" now while I am settling down with a little vinegar based pasta salad!

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