Posted by The LunchMen Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For those Columbia residents who have had the pleasure of going TakoSushi in Aiken, Greenville, or Augusta, today will likely be a day you remember. TakoSushi officially opened today at 1115 Assembly Street (where Doc's Gumbo Grille used to be), and the Lunchmen were on site making sure that that TakoSushi kicked it off right. Not that they needed our support, mind you. The place was packed by 12:30. I guess a lot of people are like me and just could not wait for the opportunity to eat a taco and have sashimi for lunch at the same time. The Lunchmen have a general policy of not reviewing restaurants that we try on their first week, because normally they are working out kinks, and we do not want to dump hate all over a start-up before they even get off the ground. We may break our rule for TakoSushi, however, because the food was delicious, and you should know about it. By the way, the new owner has chosen the tempura asparagus appetizer every time he has eaten at TakoSushi - and so should you, because it rocks. Go support Columbia's newest lunch spot!


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