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Posted by The LunchMen Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alright, pop quiz. Where is my #1 spot for a delicious beer in Columbia? Hunter-Gatherer. Who serves my favorite appetizers and bar food in town? Hunter-Gatherer - that black bean dip rocks. Where is my favorite pizza in town? Well, its still at Dano's, but the Nance at Hunter-Gatherer (named for the proprietor's mom) is right up there, too.

If you don't love the Hunter-Gatherer, then you are a bad American. Full disclosure here, Kevin Varner, the Hunter-Gatherer's owner, is a cousin of Mrs. Tank. But even before I met Mrs. Tank and her family, I heralded Hunter-Gatherer as the best dinner spot in town for under-$20 entrees and as one of the coolest bars in South Carolina. As you know from our "Breaking News" post last week, H-G is now serving lunch. To say the Lunchmen were thrilled to hear this development is a massive understatement.

The Hunter-Gatherer continues to set itself apart with its use of ultra fresh, local fare and amazing, hand-crafted beers. As for proteins, Caw Caw Creek, a humane livestock farm near St. Matthews, produces H-G's outstanding sausage - eat it on a bun and you'll be thrilled. And for those seeking lighter fare, you will find simply the freshest and tasty fruits and veggies selected from our regional produce.

Kevin and his staff have rolled out some of the traditional menu favorites for lunch. The pizzas are all up for grabs, and the always-delicious steak sandwich is a strong call for bold lunchers. However, to bring things well within your lunch budget, Hunter-Gatherer has made additions to the menu that are sure to please anyone who makes the trip for lunch. We went with a group of six for the opening lunch, and four of us grabbed a new sandwich off the menu. H-G received only positive feedback and accolades for the tasty additions from all. Rabbit, of course, grabbed one of the four fresh salad options. I think he actually had to call in back-up to finish the salad, but he was quite pleased with his choice.

I'd be remiss if I did not discuss my beer - insert Homer Simpson drooling clip here - because these brews are reason alone to go to H-G. For lunch, I tried one of the high gravity beers (only one, of course) which was brewed in-house. The brew was a dark, delicious porter with mocha goodness and a dessert-like quality to it. It made my day.

I could go on with this meandering prose about H-G all day, but eventually it would bore everyone but me. Just go down there and grab some lunch, have a beer, and enjoy it for yourself.

- Tank

P.S. No surprise here, H-G is absolutely the Lunchmen's new Lunch Spot of the Week.

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